Sunday, December 06, 2009

The myths about E-Mail

1. Myth #1: The email you are given is their primary email address. I have four (or five) different email addresses, AOL, GMail, Yahoo, Optonline, and if need be, can be contacted through Facebook messaging.

2. Myth #2: People check all their email addresses every day. I check my primary every day and Gmail every couple of days to a week, but sometimes I let my Yahoo and Optonline email accounts go dormant for months.

3. Myth #3: That your mass mailing everyone about your e-fed will actually be read. Lets be honest folks, I get around fifty to seventy five emails a day with all the different things I'm involved in a lot of my morning is sorting through and deleting the emails that I either don't have time for that day or are non essential. This is just my primary, I have to do this at my other email accounts as well and get to everything.

4. Myth #4: If you use a Yahoo or Hotmail account that your mailing will somehow make it through whatever spam filter is used on AOL or Gmail. I can't tell you how many emails I've had to fish out of there myself from those two sites.

What is the solution? While I still believe sending out email reminders are important, if at all possible, you really should make an effort if you want to run a league to instant message people you can and and let them know what is going on. It is much less impersonal and you know you've made contact with them. Plus, it also gives an opportunity for those people to communicate if they have a question or comment or are just wondering about something.

In some leagues I've been in, I've never got an instant message from the people who were running the league. You would be surprised how much easier and more fun things are for both sides with simple communications.


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